Rihanna Relationship Reunited?
Rumor has it that Rihanna wouldn't mind giving her relationship with Chris Brown another shot.

A source told Star magazine, "As much as she has tried to move on with her life since Chris, Rihanna really does feel there's something missing without him. There are things she told him that she still doesn't feel comfortable telling anyone else. She's secretly hoping Chris will take the hints she is putting out and get in touch."

The source also revealed that Breezy's seizure reportedly made RiRi realize how much he meant to her. The source explained, "Rihanna and Chris move in different circles now, but she still felt sick with worry when she heard what happened to him. It reminded her that she is always going to care deeply about him, despite their traumatic past."

Meanwhile, it has been reported there Breezy has been spending time in Hawaii with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Karrueche.

By tomorrow this story will be off again.  Then in a week it will be on again. A week later it will be...you get the point.
Photo Source: Rick Diamond / Getty Images Entertainment