Taylor Swift Loves Nashville
Taylor Swift had a big weekend in Nashville. She spent Saturday (Oct. 12) opening her $4 million education center at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. And she spent Sunday (Oct. 13) getting her sixth straight artist/songwriter of the year award from Nashville Songwriters Association International.

If Nashville loves Taylor, Taylor loves Nashville right back -- especially because there are so few paparazzi in town. She tells The Tennessean newspaper: "Every time I go anywhere else where I've bought a house, every day of my life seems to be documented in some way."

Taylor says they follow her going to the gym and going to the grocery store and taking pictures of her groceries in other cities. But that doesn't happen in Nashville, which she calls cozy and normal.

Taylor also says that in a Nashville grocery store, "I just end up having normal conversations with someone in the cereal aisle, and that somehow never gets documented."

Go Taylor!