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Lady Gaga’s Harper’s Bazaar Clothing Up for Auction

What to dress like Lady Gaga? Nate D. Sanders Auctions is offering clothing worn by Gaga for her photo spread in the March 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

One lot consists of an Emilio Pucci costume, featuring a silver coat, a black nylon and elastane bodysuit, and a black python leather and calfskin bag that buckles around the hip.

A second lot features an ivory-colored Gamme Rouge double twill coat.

The minimum bid for each lot is 7,500 dollars. Bidding will end Thursday at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

In March, Nate D. Sanders sold a one-piece designer outfit worn by Gaga for the same Harper’s Bazaar issue for $15,625.

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Charli XCX’s Bizarre Tour Requests

We’ve all heard the stories about Diva’s and their backstage demands. But Charli XCX has a request that is completely bizarre.

According to U.K. publication Metro, Charli is a huge fan of actor Bill Murray.  She said, “I sometimes ask for a framed picture of Bill Murray on my rider just because I think he is really cool,” she reveals. “‘There are a few I have collected, and some of them have been in nice frames!”

“‘I have a weird Bill Murray collection, I guess. Although it’s not some weird obsession,” she insists. The British “Boom Clap” singer says it’d be “sick” to have Murray appear in one of her music videos.


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Tough-Guy Actor Danny Trejo on Starring in Train’s “Angel in Blue Jeans” Video: “It’s Awesome!”

Columbia Records70-year-old tough-guy actor Danny Trejo, best known for playing a badass in movies like Machete Kills and on TV shows like Breaking Bad, is an unlikely music video star, but he’s front and center in Train’s new clip for “Angel in Blue Jeans.” He tells Entertainment Weekly that when the band reached out to him, he said yes right away.

“It’s awesome,” Trejo tells EW. “You know what? That band was really, really cool. I’d heard of them before, and when they asked me to do it I said ‘absolutely.’ It came out really good. All my friends say, we didn’t know you could sing!”

Trejo doesn’t actually sing in the video — he lip syncs to Train singer Pat Monahan‘s voice. But he does it so well that the effect is startling. “The minute I open my mouth everyone screams,” he laughs.

In the video, Trejo plays a motorcycle-riding tough guy in the desert who’s pining for his lost love, stolen by an evil sheriff played by Pat Monahan. In the end, Trejo gets the girl back, and gets to pistol-whip Pat as well.

“The shoot was hot. We were out in the desert. But we kept it going. We shot all day,” Trejo tells EW. “It was so funny, they were all worried about asking me, can you ride a motorcycle? I’ve been riding a motorcycle since I was about 12!”

Over the years, Trejo has also appeared in videos for artists ranging from Enrique Iglesias, to the Jonas Brothers, to the Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura. “I love doing them,” he tells EW. “I love doing them because I meet a completely different bunch of people than in the movie business. A lot of the rock stars are really a lot of fun.”

Trejo says he personally prefers to listen to oldies and hip-hop, but adds, “Any kind of music, I don’t care.”

“Angel in Blue Jeans” also stars Hannah Simone from New Girl as Trejo’s love interest. The song is the first release from Train’s upcoming album Bulletproof Picasso.

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Sia Explains Why She’s Avoiding Fame

Sia saw her album 1000 Forms of Fear debut at #1 recently, and she’s got a big hit on the charts with “Chandelier.” But even though her music’s everywhere, the Aussie singer/songwriter’s image is not. She won’t show her face in interviews, she doesn’t appear on the cover of her album, she posed for the cover of Billboard with a bag over her head, and in her publicity photos, she’s wearing a bag as well. So what’s the deal?

“I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want to be critiqued about the way that I look (on the Internet).” Sia commented and so far, her strategy appears to be working.

“I was at Target the other day, buying a hose and nobody recognized me, and my song was on the radio,” she recalls. “I thought, ‘Okay, this experiment is working!’”

But the next question is, why doesn’t she want to be famous? Sia, who’s written some huge pop hits for other artists, like Rihanna‘s “Diamonds,” and even scored some herself — that’s her singing on David Guetta‘s hit “Titanium”– says she’s been close enough to fame to know it isn’t for her.

“I’ve been writing pop songs for pop stars now for a couple years and have become, you know, friends with them and see what their life is like,” she tells ABC News. And that’s just not something I want.”

OK, well then why release an album in the first place? Why not just stay behind the scenes as a songwriter and rake in the cash? It has to do with personal expression, says Sia.

“I didn’t think that this music would get heard otherwise,” she says of the music on 1000 Forms of Fear.

Besides, being behind the scenes as a songwriter isn’t without its own problems. What if you wrote a song and offered it to a bunch of big stars, and they all wanted to record it? Who do you give it to? That very thing happened to Sia recently, with the song “Pretty Hurts,” recorded by Beyonce.

“I wrote it on the sofa three years ago for Katy Perry, sent it to Katy Perry, then I sent it to…Rihanna and Beyonce’s people,” Sia tells ABC News. “Beyonce just slid it into home base and like, threw the money down. It was a really awkward situation.”

So what could she do? Telling Rihanna she couldn’t have the song because she was giving it to Beyonce would not have been easy. But it all worked out in the end.

“Rihanna’s engineer had a great idea,” reveals Sia. “He was like, ‘Why don’t you play her ‘Diamonds’?” Rihanna was like, ‘I love this song “Diamonds,” it’s mine!’” That song ended up topping the charts…something “Pretty Hurts” has yet to do.

No matter how popular her own songs become, though, don’t expect Sia to change her mind about the whole fame thing. She’s not going to announce a tour anytime soon. “It may change but right now that’s not on the cards for me,” she says of the prospect of touring. We’ll just have to listen to her album and watch her videos…which, of course, she doesn’t appear in, either.

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